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Synergy has been going since 2008 and has always been a social leveling guild with casual raiding for the 85's. We pride ourselves in having an always active, friendly, and funny guild chat and extremely helpful officers.
There is no level requirement on getting an invitation, although we do ask that you do remain active on your characters and level/join in regularly.

We raid casually with two 10man teams. To view our progress, please click here.

There is also no age requirement, but again, high levels of immaturity will be annoying and you will receive warnings, and then possible removal from the guild if decided so by the officers and fellow members.

Synergy is a community driven guild where everyone has a say. So don't think just because you got an invite and/or the lowest rank in the guild that you can't talk or join in. As integrating yourself into the guild makes you part of the team and people will be more willing to help out, and you will get invites more often for dungeons/hcs/raids.
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Firelands Progression

Surim, Jul 4, 11 7:02 AM.
Original Post: 03/07/2011 11:59 PM by raeganmay

So Firelands has been out a few days already and we are now 4/7 in there =)
Beth'tilac and Shannox decent first tries 10% and down on the 3rd and 4th try. Lord was a bit harder and got him down with Baleroc the next day.
Gz to Devedse for the imba staff =D Reck for the shoulders. Lokkju the bastard for loot from every boss =P and Bagzie for two items and Burna for the trinket =)

Nefarian Kill

Surim, Jul 4, 11 6:46 AM.
Original Post: 2/06/2011 04:01pm by raeganmay

Ok so it has been quite a while since I last updated this.

Guild raids went through a bit of a slow patch the past month due to personal problems but is now back up and running ^_^
We gout our Halfus HC kill quite a while back and then tried Nefarian last week, getting him to 7% and then last reset we got the kill =D
The t11 head went to Rechlol, and the mail agility shoulders went to Hisana, and the intellect robe with hit went to Devedse for offspec.
Going for another kill this reset =)
Now we have completed BwD we are hoping to start Chimaeron HC and Atramedes HC, both of which should be down very soon.
Our B-team raid (which consists of 2-3 core raiders alts to help raid lead and the rest filled with new members and unsaved members) got down Cho'gall this week, so gz to them =)


25man Blackwing Decent

Surim, Jul 4, 11 6:39 AM.
Original Post: 11/03/2011 10:22 AM by raeganmay

This Wednesday we created another 25man run to BwD. One the bosses we got down (3/6) apart from Maloriak which we got down on the 3rd try. Attempt on Chimaeron, first try 7% but seemed we were going backwards in the few tries after that, hopefully will get him down next 25man attempt


Al'Akir is down

Surim, Jul 4, 11 6:26 AM.
Original Post: 26/02/2011 02:16 AM by raeganmay

YES finally downed Al'akir tonight!!! Had a quick run on Conclave and Al'akir.. the bastard who won against us last week after hours was finally killed after about four tries tonight =)

After that we finished off the night by one shotting Atramedes in BwD leaving us with just Nefarian left.

Two groups were made for BoT this week. Group B getting to Council and Group A starting tomorrow. Hoping to kill Cho'gall this week making us 11/12

Finally got the SS of Conclave now though after forgetting all the other times. =(


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